“Laura Rossi has changed my life as a writer: when there are necessary and pressing tasks I hesitate to perform, Laura says “I’ll handle that” and she does. It’s amazing; it’s like always having the perfect combination of a fairy godmother and security guard at your side. From working with producers, agents, editors, copyeditors, marketing folks, and publicity teams, to handling complex calendar matters and finding the right-business-card-designer at the right time, Laura has helped me become a more productive, enthusiastic, and successful writer and speaker. My thanks to her are only equaled by my applause for her. She’s the best.”

–Dr. Gina Barreca
Bestselling Author,
Award-winning columnist,
Professor of English,
The University of Connecticut

“Having Laura Rossi on your publicity team is like having the wind at your back on the High Seas. She is energetic, efficient, well-connected and tenacious — all the right traits to get your message out there, and everywhere!!”

–Iris Krasnow
Bestselling Author of:
The Secret Lives of Wives:
Women Share What It Really Takes To Stay Married
“Laura Rossi is tireless in getting results and never drops the ball until the deal is done. In addition to her towering competence and relentless follow-through, she’s an absolute joy to work with. Hey Laura, the goddess sent you to me.”

–Harriet Lerner, Ph.D.
Psychologist and New York Times best-selling author

“To anyone considering Laura Rossi: I would suggest you not let her get away. Laura is a winner. She’s intelligent, resourceful, very personable, cheerful–always in a good mood. Her stability is astonishing…Laura can do anything she puts her mind to.”

–Elmore Leonard
Bestselling author

“Laura Rossi is an energetic woman, always racing around at great speed with a lot of passion of verve.”

–Sara Paretsky
Bestselling author

“Laura Rossi is one of the highest achievers with whom I’ve ever had the pleasure to work. Exceptionally energetic, focused, creative and motivated, Laura consistently has surprised me with the level and speed of her results and with her ability to shoulder a formidable workload, keeping all of her projects flowing smoothly at once. She can accomplish more, faster, than almost anyone I’ve ever encountered. Laura is a person of integrity, good humor, grace and boundless, fathomless energy, someone who inspires all those around her. I recommend her without reservation.”

–Louise Brockett
Vice-President/Director of Publicity,
W.W. Norton & Company

“Laura Rossi is a consummate publicist. She is a tireless booker who doesn’t stop till a media outlet says YES. She is resourceful, thoughtful, and articulate. Her constant enthusiasm for her projects was contagious. Every author Laura worked with admired her professionalism and her creativity. An author and publisher are in very good hands when Laura is at the helm of their publicity campaign.”

–Carisa Hays
Vice President /Director of Publicity
Free Press/Simon & Schuster, Inc.

“Laura Rossi is an excellent publicist…enthusiastic about your business, tenacious in her pitching, and a real driver of results. Laura’s friendly, outgoing, “can-do” attitude always had me at ease, knowing 100% of her effort was being put forth on my account. When I think of her accomplishments on my business over the years, the words dependable and hardworking come to mind. Laura is an asset to any team!”

–Laura McDowell
Manager of Media Relations
T.J.Maxx/Marshalls stores,
The TJX Companies, Inc.

“Laura you are incredible and our only valuable PR experience ever — you make it happen! You shine.”

–Diane Isaacs,
Creative Director of The Miracle Project

“Laura, thanks for all you’ve done help this cause and our book THE ENTITLEMENT TRAP! You’ve been a tremendous help! We wish you every success in your ongoing good works!”

–Richard & Linda Eyre
New York Times Bestselling authors,
National Parenting experts

“In the television industry and particularly in fashion, everything moves at lightning speed and last minute deadlines pop-up all the time. I love working with Laura Rossi –Laura is a publicist that gets things done right and quickly, which is important when you have to dress ten people every day for two different shows! When I needed ANYTHING, Laura was my go-to publicist for celebrity samples for Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. Laura is fun, fast and passionate about p.r. and I look forward to working with her on all of my different endeavors!”

–Anya Sarre
Celebrity Stylist,

“Laura Rossi definitely should have on her business card or in her bio the words ‘Relentlessness for Results’ proudly displayed. It’s a tough world out here with many blaring horns, tough to transmit a clear signal over the clatter and din. But transmit she does. I hope your clients appreciate your work.”

-Mark Winkler
AVP, Circulation Business Director
Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc.

“Now that we have worked together on both of Dennis Rodman’s autobiographies, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that it was a pleasure to work with you. I was very impressed with your enthusiasm and dedication in making both of Dennis’ books a huge success. You are an exceptional publicist.”

–Steven D. Sperling, Esq.
The Rodman Group

“As the Founder & CEO of Altitude Inc., it is incredibly important to me that my firm be well represented to the public. I felt confident that Laura Rossi understood and accurately conveyed Altitude’s core values and company mission when speaking to media outlets and in writing press releases. Laura was always enthusiastic and diligent in getting quality press for Altitude. Laura is a constant professional who was dedicated to Altitude’s success in the public eye. I was happy to have her represent Altitude.”

–Brian Matt
Founder & CEO
Altitude, Inc.

“Bravo on your work for Wynton Marsalis’ Marsalis on Music. It’s really great to see so much initiative, creativity, and follow-through put into the book’s publicity. You’ve coordinated with Sony, PBS and a national tour for Jazz At Lincoln Center. Thanks for all your efforts.”

–Hilary Hinzman
W. W. Norton & Company

“Laura is a gem! She knows the ins and outs of modern internet PR like no one else. Her experience with the big publishers in NYC gives her the edge in helping us get the news out on our books. She’s helped me with my work and her energy pushes me to make even better use of Facebook, Twitter, and print sources than I ever could on my own.”

–Lee Jacobus

“Laura Rossi is a great and energetic multi-tasker and a pleasure to work with — she always demonstrates experienced in-depth knowledge of all types of media and her ability to target reporters and get results for a wide range of clients is truly impressive. Laura embraces all social media platforms and is skilled in the new media arena. Laura’s passion for PR, her unparalleled attention to detail, and her ability to customize all of her client’s needs and demands makes her a great asset to any client.”

–Jennifer Tremblay
Group 26